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Our Founder, Monica Samuels Shares Her Incredible Before & After Transformation


I AM is a sacred, powerful, mantra that can shape our very being, who we are, what we become, and how we live our lives.

How we speak will determine the path we walk in this amazing world. I see the I AM often expressed as the motion of a Ferris Wheel. One moment, we may feel as though we are on top of the world. Suddenly, without warning, we may plummet right back down to earth.

As a child, I was taught by my mother and grandmother to never give up, to be grateful for all the wonderful blessings I have received, and to be honest with myself and others. I learned difficult times were lessons we could use to become stronger and help us appreciate life.

A few years ago, my I AM faced its sternest challenge to date. I lost my I AM... I was constantly in fight or flight mode. Waking up every morning was like boarding a Ferris Wheel, with no idea what kind of ride I was on for that day. I rode that treacherous, unpredictable wheel for years until I realized that the lesson I learned was to use my experiences to give back. I decided to harness my hard-earned knowledge and begin helping others facing similar challenges. It was up to me to either shift from fight or flight mode to giving mode or stay in misery.

When your I AM feels broken, you allow your days to just pass by; you lack enthusiasm or motivation to change. You fall into a bad cycle, around and around like a Ferris Wheel.

In 2019 we received a wake-up call. Our 91-day healing journey began. We realized that we had to change. As a mother, I had to develop my I AM to allow me to build a strong and stable foundation. Only then could I facilitate positive change for my family. The time-tested airplane metaphor applies: you must put on your oxygen mask before you can help anyone else.


We made a 360-degree lifestyle change. Commitment to I AM was the key to the shift. We reconnected with Mother Earth by grounding, changing our diets, and resetting our bodies at a cellular level with the cutting-edge technology we had acquired. It wasn't easy, but once you see progress toward healing, it becomes easier to stay on the path of living well and enjoying the present moment with your family, your friends, and your I AM.

Walking my Labyrinth at home and my healing center is a huge part of realizing my I AM. The labyrinth is a pathway to that sacred space - "THE I AM WITHIN"⁠.

The labyrinth represents the journey to our center and back again, out into the world. With a labyrinth, there is only one choice to be made. The choice is whether to enter or not, to walk a spiritual path or not. The labyrinth requires a more passive, receptive mindset. The labyrinth allows us to remember how sacred our lives are, that it is a solemn obligation to fully develop and transform ourselves, to be the best we can be. The labyrinth is a tool that allows us to focus our spiritual power, hone our intuition, and develop the vision and courage to meet every challenge life throws our way. We must transform the story of I AM into an adventure, where you, the hero, may emerge healed, fulfilled, transformed, and victorious.


Now I AM ready to share my before and after, from Summer 2020 to now, my present moment. I AM more grateful, more thankful, and more engaged each day, as time goes by!

Commitment and a positive mindset are all we need to move forward. If I did it, so can you!


xo, Monica Samuels


Monica, Age 45

Monica, Age 52, When She Lost Her

Monica Today, Age 55, After The Theta Healing Program


QQH has become my home but it didn’t start that way. I didn’t want to come here. I assumed this oddly named place would be no different from every other ‘treatment center’ I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a few…


I have spent well over a hundred thousand dollars in the past few years trying to find out what’s ‘wrong’ with me and half a lifetime chasing what isn’t real. Acquiring wealth, influence, notoriety, and applause only to realize none of it means anything.  I’ve made more mistakes than anyone I know and desperately tried to make up for them.


In the decade following a 6-year prison sentence, I devoted myself to helping others. I chased worthy endeavors, became a best-selling children's book author in the process, and volunteered more than anyone should. Coaching 20+ seasons of youth sports. Yet despite all this, I never could like the person I saw in the mirror.

As many of you know, COVID was difficult. I isolated. I did everything I could to escape what I viewed the problem to be. The politics, the racism, the hatred. I would enter what would become the darkest depression of my life. I quit working, lived off royalties, and built the largest Lego city in the United States. Creating a world I could control because I couldn’t control how I felt about myself.

I was diagnosed with Mixed Mania Bipolar 2, which is just as contradicting as it sounds. Like Joker and Batman, all in one. I was told I needed Seroquel and Lithium to function. I hired glorified students with PhDs to ask me 10 questions, 220 different ways all to plug answers into a book hardly changed since the 1950s.

It's been 4 weeks at Quasar Quantum Healing, and without any question, I miss my family dearly. However, it is here, where I have found myself. I have been off ALL my medications…for weeks and I couldn’t feel better.

I’ve learned to love again, I’ve learned to let go of all the guilt I’ve been hanging on to, and now I can’t stop smiling… because I am HAPPY! Content with where I’m at in life.  I learned to forgive myself and now have more confidence than I’ve ever had in my life.

Most importantly, throughout this journey, which wasn’t ‘easy’ by any means, I’ve learned to like and even love what I see in the mirror. I may be crazy, but that doesn’t mean I am ‘bad.’ The things I’ve always seen as wrong with me - the lack of fear others have, the love for taking risks if the payout is worth it ;), can absolutely be GOOD things.

When you come to Quasar Quantum Healing you will see these odd-looking machines and may assume a prescription makes more sense but someone very wise told me something I will never forget, “Anthony, how many animals have to take prescriptions.”

I won't pretend to know fully what these machines do but I will say they DO SOMETHING REMARKABLE. Come here, stick with them and you will receive the greatest gift one could ever receive.

To conclude the ‘longest review ever written for an Arizona business, I can say that this really IS NOT a business. It’s a HEALING center. I owe my wife for choosing this place. A place that never could be what it is, without passion. Formed by a family that went through the struggle, and created by a family that NEVER GAVE UP on one another.  If only every city had a family like the Samuels.

Michael, it was an honor to spend time with you. I don’t look up to many people, but I look up to you. You and your wife Monica have raised two amazing daughters- and have given back to a community more than anyone could…

And to Monica Samuels, the founder of Quasar Quantum Healing, you are absolutely the most caring person I have EVER met in my life. The highest respect. Unique and fearless, you always will be a legend in my book.

With all my heart, thank you,

Anthony Curcio


Dearest Monica,


I want to let you know that I finally got a chance to visit with Anthony, Emily, and the girls a few days ago and they are all doing so well!!  They are all so funny when they are feeling well!!!  You have changed our lives and Jay and I are very, very grateful!!  You have also introduced us to a new type of healing and for that, we are eternally grateful!!!  We can’t wait to come to see you again!!!

From one Mom to another, I will never be able to thank you enough. Anthony is so different and comfortable with himself.  It has been a long, long time.

Blessings and joy to you and your family from Jay and me!!

Also, I can’t believe the effort you gave to the amazing vow renewal ceremony!! They were so excited to share all the details!! Right down to the dress!!  What a joyful event!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

MONICA=LOVE for our family!!!

Love and hugs,

Geri Curcio


Before & After AO Scan Reports After Completing 10 Days of the Theta Healing Program 



Blood Vitals Before
Blood Vitals Before


Blood Vitals After
Blood Vitals After



Chakra Vitals Before


Chakra Vitals After



Meridian Vitals Before


Meridian Vitals After
White Sand and Stone


"When you’ve tried everything for healing your mind, from yoga to meditation, to talk therapy, and nothing seems to be working, then Quasar falls into your lap. What a Godsend. When healing from trauma, you have to start on a deep cellular level & that's exactly why Quasar Quantum Healing is the place to go. 


Within a couple of sessions, I started to see results in how my mind processed life in the present moment and processed my trauma from years of conditioning, which caused me to live a certain way, so to speak. I was a prisoner held captive in my own mind, holding me back from all that life had to offer me. My thought patterns changed from worrying that something bad was around every corner, to embracing and surrendering to the beauty life has to offer. Some people stay stuck in a flight or fight mode, and through Quasar Quantum Healing's programs, I have experienced change on a cellular level, and I now see that life is supposed to be thoroughly enjoyed, spontaneous, and peaceful. Life is happening for me, always -  not against me, and it's beautiful. Thank you Quasar Quantum Healing!"



"Monica explained everything in detail and made sure I understood the process and what to expect. I did the hyperbaric chamber, foot detox, and then salt cave. It was the perfect combination for someone who is constantly on the go. Looking forward to coming back!"

"Very professional. Very knowledgeable, lots of information. Love the treatments. I felt great after the treatments. I listen to my AO scan music twice a day. I have been sleeping pretty well!! Thank you for all you do!"


"...The love and kindness that Monica and Alana have shared, is unmatchable and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you very much!"


"I discovered Quasar Quantum Healing after my third major car accident in 2 years. I was suffering from severe PTSD, I could not drive on the freeway, and I was experiencing incredible back pain and neck pain. After completing the 24-Day Theta Program, I no longer fear driving on the freeway and I've experienced a significant reduction of pain in my neck and back!"


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