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Holistic Wellness Takes Shape at Quasar Quantum Healing

Fabulous Arizona | September 2021

Forget everything you think you know about wellness and balanced healing—because at Quasar Quantum Healing in Scottsdale, the traditional norms of wellness are not only challenged, they’re completely elevated.

Quasar Quantum Healing is a wellness center that promotes alternative approaches to otherwise conventional therapy practices. While Quasar relies on science-backed technology to help heal patients, the center’s greater mission is to achieve mental, emotional and physical alignment—working off of the belief that all of these elements must be optimized in order to address deeper issues within the body and soul.

“The intentions for opening the center were not ever for business or to be lucrative—of course, I had to maintain the building and I had to pay to get the machines. But really, my goal was to just heal my family. And I needed to help heal the world around us in order to truly make an impact,” says Monica Samuels, owner and founder of Quasar Quantum Healing.

Samuels’ own whirlwind health journey inspired her to apply what she’d learned to the broader spaces of health and wellness—turning away from more conventional Western medicine approaches and tapping back into holistic techniques derived from her own heritage and cultural identity.

After witnessing a family member begin to experience behavior changes and symptoms of mental illness—and subsequently go through the obstacles of diagnosing the issue and experimenting with different medications to address the problem—Samuels and her family still found that nothing was truly working.

After an incident occurred in 2019 that resulted in a two-week hospital stay and 10 days in an inpatient mental health facility, Samuels was prompted to research available mental treatments—and ended up enrolling her family member in an Outdoor Behavior Health Program and then a 28-day immersion program in Utah. This particular clinic in Utah blended both technical treatments and holistic modalities—and for the first time, Samuels saw improvement in the health of her family.

“I think we can heal ourselves with our own bodies and with our own energy. I tried to heal my family with pharmaceuticals and we went downhill. So, I said no more. I used what I was taught as a child—we’ve never looked back.”

And with that, Quasar Quantum Healing was born.

Instead of “band-aiding” health symptoms, rather than fully curing them, the experts at Quasar lean into more soulful, well-rounded techniques to ensure that the body is cured from the inside out.

Quasar features everything from a Quantum Foot Detox and a Red Light Therapy Bed, to a ThetaChamber and Arizona’s only multi-person Hyperbaric Chamber—among other technologies. Each one works to heal the body differently too.

The ThetaChamber relies on motion stimulation and audio relaxation tracts to help make the brain more receptive to healing. The Hyperbaric Chamber taps into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to enhance the body’s natural healing process through the inhalation of 100 percent oxygen. Alternatively, the LED Light Bed Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses concentrated wavelengths to trigger the body’s own natural healing abilities.

The real highlight of the space is the salt cave therapy available in the center’s authentic, Himalayan Salt Cave. Salt therapy has long been used to treat respiratory conditions and inflammation. Quasar Quantum’s salt cave is built with quality Pink Himalayan salt which includes more than 84 differentiated trace elements.

All in all, Quasar Quantum Healing is a haven for all things holistic—and after a day of indulging in the center’s varying treatments, we can vouch: It really does work.

“This all, ultimately, requires a lifestyle change. And long term, I want to franchise all of this. I want to open retreats, and I want to let people know that this form of therapy and healing exists,” says Samuels. “My goal is to get everyone to embrace this way of healing, and to help them live better—not just for themselves or for their families, but for the greater world.”

For more information on Quasar Quantum Healing and to plan your next visit, visit

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