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Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Monica Samuels leads the Next Wave in Modern Wellness.

So Scottsdale! Magazine | May 2021

Monica Samuels' Quasar Quantum Healing utilizes science-backed modern technology combined with natural wellness practices, to optimize mental, emotional, and physical health.

After her daughter was publicly bullied and humiliated by a teacher and students emboldened thereby, which caused anxiety, depression, and volatile behavior, Monica sought and found the precursors to certain technologies utilized at Quasar Quantum Healing. "We researched this technology, and when it appeared that this tandem, natural approaches such as grounding, and space age energetic technologies used on astronauts, made a winning pair, I decided to devote my life to saving those failed by conventional approached to healing," she says.

It has been two years in the making, acquiring and transforming the property into the ideal setting for healing and life change. Samuels adds: "We use cutting edge technology, such as our Theta Chamber, two LED Light Beds, Arizona's only walk-in Hyperbaric Chamber, rTMS, and other breakthrough modalities."

To facilitate remarkable transformation and healing of the mind, body, and spirit, the team at Quasar Quantum Healing combines its miracle technology with nutrition, yoga, mobility training, and relaxation within its spectacular Himalayan Salt Cave.

Nurturing a personal connection with clients is Monica's secret weapon. "I love to just hang out and talk with clients as they move through their therapies. We laugh and have a lot of fun together, which helps everyone," she says.

Samuels finds that participating in the transformation of her clients' health and lives is her greatest reward. From clients who require the most comprehensive programs to ameliorate their pain and anguish, to those who arrive feeling decent, but desire to feel absolutely fantastic, Monica is inspired by those who take action to better themselves.

"My clients put their hearts and souls into the treatment, and make remarkable progress both physically, and in their overall well-being. It is very gratifying to play a part in this amazing healing process!" she reveals.

Based on years of observation, Samuels believes we are facing a serious physical, mental, and emotional health crisis in our society brought about by perpetual screen time, at the expense of true connection with people and nature. "Our goal is to help restore that connection and balance for our clients so that they can enjoy a more fulfilling life," she says.

Recently, Monica has supported Big Brothers/Big Sisters, St. Mary's Food Bank, The Centers for Habilitation, AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, Anasazi Foundation, and Jewish Family Services, and she is launching the QQH Youth Fund to provide healing at the center for young people who cannot afford it.

Click here to read the full May 2021 issue of So Scottsdale! magazine.


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