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Our studio space is perfect for any type of intimate yoga, meditation, sound bath, or other health, fitness, or spiritual class/event, as well as special occasion events like bachelorettes, birthdays, or team bonding events.


  • Studio Dimensions: 12' x 14'

  • ​Private Entrance with Smart Lock Door and Patio

  • Hypoallergenic Cork Flooring Imported from Lisbon, Portugal

  •  Privacy Shades for All Windows and Doors

  • Smart TV can be used for Presentations and Music

  • Succulent Wall for Aesthetic and Pictures

  • Bathrooms just outside of Studio Space


  • Salt Cave Dimensions: 7' x 8'

  • Located within The Studio


    Negative ions released by Himalayan Salt have multiple benefits: Air is purified of dust, germs, and allergens. Helpful for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Clean air allows for a better exercise experience; less stress on the lungs.

  • The pink salt aesthetic of the Himalayan Salt cave is pleasing and relaxing.

  • Backlit salt blocks are dimmable and have multiple warm and cool white light settings.

  •  Anti-gravity chairs and meditation cushions are available for quiet time, relaxation, and/or meditation.


  • Located in front of the building in an enclave surrounded by symbols of the four elements.

  • Can be used for: walking meditation, fire ceremonies/rituals, full moon ceremonies/rituals, and other spiritual practices.


  • 15 Yoga Mats

  • 45 Yoga Blankets

  • 25 Meditation Rounds

  • 32 Yoga Bolsters

  • 6 Anti-gravity Chairs

  • 16 Cork Yoga Blocks


For workshops, luncheons, and special events we can provide tables, tablecloths, and chairs for an added fee:

  •  30 White Folding Chairs for $1 each or $20 for all

  •  Three (3) 48" Rounds with Tablecloths, and one (1) 48" Rectangular Table with Tablecloth for $10 each or $30 for all. Tables seat up to 6.


  • 15-Person Maximum for Events Requiring Yoga Mats

  • 30-Person Maximum for Other Events

  • 15-Person Maximum Inside Salt Cave 


Rent out the entire yoga studio for private events or classes.



Contact our Studio Manager
  • How does the Theta Chamber beneft the body?
    The Theta Chamber uses precisely tuned, subtle electrical impulses to affect the neural networks and neurochemistry of the brain, encouraging normal function. These electric signals are similar to those produced by the brain itself. As an electro-chemical instrument, the brain constantly both produces and receives a wide variety of signals, from one region of the brain to another, and through the nervous system to all parts of the body. Once the brain has reached the Theta state and is open to suggestion, change and healing, the Theta Chamber transmits gentle, natural-like signals to the hypothalamus, in the limbic region of the brain. These signals encourage the hypothalamus to start producing normal, healthy levels of serotonin, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. Over the course of just a few applications of these signals, the brain is entrained into normal functionality, as new neural pathways are created and the old, addicted or imbalanced one's atrophy.
  • What does the Theta Chamber treat?
    Quasar Quantum Healing offers 28, 12, and 6-day treatment programs centered around the Theta Chamber. Our unique treatment plans may help with: Anxiety / Panic Attacks Depression Anger Addictions: Drug, Alcohol, Gaming, Sugar Insomnia Fear Migraines / Headaches Chronic Pain PTSD ADD / ADHA / OCD Bipolar Disorder Unwanted Behaviors Learning Enhancements And More! To learn more about these treament programs click here.
  • Is the Theta Chamber safe for everyone?
    The Theta Chamber is an FDA cleared treatment. More than 30 years of research, compromising hundreds of studies and first-hand patient outcomes, have shown Theta’s treatment protocols to be safe and effective. If you have any of the following conditions, it may be necessary to consult with your physician before starting sessions in the Theta Chamber: Pacemakers Internal Defibrillator Internal Insulin Pump Prone to Seizures Light Sensitivity
  • How long is a Theta Chamber session?
    A session lasts 30 minutes.
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